A Bit About Me.

Hey there lovely person. I’m Amy, You know when people say they were ‘born to’ do something? I was 100% born to work with flowers. It’s everything I know, and I love every single day of it (thorn pricks and all). 

Since ‘07, I've had the pleasure of crafting floral magic for countless weddings and events, both big and small, all across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Polka Dot has journeyed from a beaut little high street flower shop, over to a cosy home studio, and most recently, I'm happily set up in a stunning studio in the Peak District.

My floristry services cover all the special moments in life, from weddings and anniversaries to funerals and thoughtful gifts. Essentially, if you need flowers for any occasion - I’m your girl (... and flowers are necessary for every occasion, if you ask me).

My kinda style 

My floristry style is super relaxed, never overly structured (messy bouquets are totally my jam), with a sprinkle of ‘airy fairy’ whimsy. I'm all about embracing colour, and popping a generous touch of playfulness into every arrangement.

What To Do Next?

Check out our customer reviews

“We gave Amy free reign with just the brief of ‘autumnal’. She smashed it! Everyone was saying how gorgeous our wedding flowers by Amy were. They were so gorgeous that we had them dried and pressed!”

 “The end result of our wedding flowers was perfect, and exactly the Spring wedding vibe I had in mind. Can’t recommend Amy enough!”